What's the idea behind?

While travelling in summer, we were unhappy with the amount of plastic packaging in our vanity case, baring in mind that every year, 8 million tons of plastic waste get thrown into our oceans. It restricted us on the airport and took up way too much space. However, we had to see that the selection of alternatives was limited and often very expensive. So we came up with the idea to create our own shampoo an shower gel, but in a solid and space-saving way. We wanted to create something that would have a positve impact on our lives and on the environnment.

The Resolution

We created an organic, solid shampoo and shower gel without using any chemicals. A plastic container isn’t needed because of it’s solid state, but we do offer re-usable steel containers. We are producing in a cooperation with an insitute for people with disabilities located in Betzdorf, Luxembourg. It’s important for us to boost our local economy and to integrate mentally or physically disabled people in our society.

The Ingredients

All the ingredients used in our products are from organical based materials. The ingredients are certified by our furnisher from the Netherlands. More detailed information about the ingredients by contact form.

Convince yourself!